Delusion and Intention

Whatever it is you intend to do… focus on that objective. If in your heart you are certain that it is a worthy goal, then generate your intention to accomplish it. There is great power in both the intention and in the decision that follows. The two are inextricably linked.

Reading these words is not enough. We must commit to the principle and then prove to ourselves the efficacy of it. The principle is simple – and powerful. But it is so simple that we overlook it. We hear/read the words of philosophers, prophets, teachers of all traditions. Their sage advice rings true yet somehow the reader’s mind separates itself; it’s one thing for the writer or speaker to espouse to those ideas, but for the ‘me’ it seems an entirely different prospect. And so the book is put back down, the CD turned off and the concept shelved again….

If we are fed up with our stagnant and tedious life experiences, then it’s time… time to make that decision and fully intend to change and grow. Maybe we’ve had enough of arguing, judging, fearing, and hating. Perhaps we’ve been blessed with having finally
heardthat incessant negative voice that chatters in our minds. Getting a good look at that phenomenon can be a rude awakening! Enough already! Listening to that harangue or worse yet – getting lost within it – is exhausting.

So stop. For just a moment allow yourself to rest in your breath. What a gift each breath is! We ruminate in our minds obsessing about outer circumstances, all the while being oblivious to the miracle that is b-r-e-a-t-h. Without awareness we exhale assuming that an inhalation will be provided to us instantly. There is, however, no guarantee of that. So long as the universe keeps pressurizing these bodies that we call home, for that time we have the option to become aware of the miracle or to continue in our mental illusion and delusion.


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