Too much time has passed since the first post. Maybe the problem lay in taking it too seriously… figuring it had to be relevant, interesting – PERFECT – before the next post could be – well, posted.

Should I write about food, I wondered? There were certainly fun new recipes being tried; Danish, soufflés, bread, etc., but there are a zillion blogs about food. What about spirituality? Nope.. one should be a fully realized Master to write something about Truth… unless, that is, one wrote about her own flawed efforts at meditation, living Now and accepting what IS.

That might have some possibilities because it surely is a subject that is familiar. The constant chatter of thoughts; familiar theme with maybe a few new thoughts sprinkled therein – surely others can relate to that. Isn’t that what we’re doing here? Learning to monitor the constant flow of mental chatter and allow it to subside? Recognizing the moments when the chatter ceases… when there is stillness? We have been so programmed to value only the chatter! So, we overlook the stillness.. those moments when consciousness is simply Now… when there is IS-ness. That’s when the system can rest… when inspiration arises.

So, maybe a particular theme is unnecessary. I can write about cooking and the new recipes being attempted in our kitchen. Or I can write about inspiration, spirituality, creativity or any other thing. Yes, indeed. That could work. And then there would surely be more posts. No need to wait another 3+ months.


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