Now is the Secret

The Now moment is an incredibly well-kept secret. There are tomes written about the wisdom of living now, but we are so hypotized by the past that those tomes seem irrelevant.

Trying on Now-moment living is the only way to demonstrate to oneself the value of it. And it will take more than one attempt to truly experience it. Not that living Now is alien to us. Each human has many windows of Now moment living each day, but we overlook them. From the moment we open our eyes on planet Earth we are taught that thinking has value; being has none. So, we mentally grind, think, cogitate, ponder, and otherwise keep our attention riveted on the past.

Thinking is a past activity. When we invest our energy and attention in thinking, the subject matter is history! Whether we are mentally reviewing a relationship, a problem at work, or a decision that must be made, it is into the past that we reach in order to do all those things.

Imagine walking in a beautiful park. You are surrounded by stately trees. A gentle breeze rustles the leaves. On the nearby pond there is a small flock of Canadian geese. Mostly they just float but there are occasionaly loud honks. You are aware of the sights and sounds, and they flow through your consciousness… There are no thoughts about the geese… no judgement of the volume of the honks… no intrusion of how the world says they’re messy and dirty birds. They just ARE… and for a moment you ARE.

Then it begins… “..but they ARE dirty! They poop all over the grass and people cannot even walk there without stepping in goose poop!” Suddenly you are no longer one with what IS.. You have stepped out of the Moment and into your thoughts. And those thoughts delve into the past. You long ago either stepped in goose poop or you heard someone else utter negative opinions about it… but it is of the past. And you have lost the beauty of Oneness for however long you feed that thought pattern.


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