Reducing the Pressure

In November of 2010 my sister did what she usually does. She put out her Department 56 village pieces.  Being an extensive collector, she has dozens of the little buildings including businesses, barns, houses, churches, schools, Town Halls, etc.  Then there are the tiny little accessory figures; dogs, people, lamplighters, horses, fences, streets, trees….and the list goes on and on.

We also have relatives who are small fry. The combination of children, the village tradition and of course, the Christmas season sparked an idea in me.  I would write a story for children. It would be loosely based on a small New England village Christmas, and the story would be, if I were lucky, a small family heirloom.

Wonder of wonders, I did actually write it! It is surely not great prose, but hey, at least I started and better yet, FINISHED the thing. And it was fun. These facts are surprising… but mostly it was surprising that it was FUN and not ‘work’.

I have mulled over just what made it fun. (Warning: analyze something long enough and you’re sure to take the fun right out of it!) The conclusions were several.  There was no pressure… After all, the story is for children, not the toughest of critics. And I like the topic; New England, village life in the late 1800’s, kids, winter, and of course, Christmas. What’s not to like! And my sister shared in the fun. She edited, made suggestions, proof read and listened. Overall, she was a great cheerleader, and that encouragement and her sense of fun made all the difference.

So. It’s done!  Of course, at this posting no one except the wonderful sister, my husband and my mother have heard/read it, but hey, that’s something! 🙂


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